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Research Proposal on E-Commerce vs Web Store Front

September 26, 2011

E-Commerce vs. Web Store Front Research Proposal:
With the advent of internet technology, organizations have greatly improved in certain ways. One of the most important facets of the computer and internet technology that have undergone rapid change is the E-commerce (Umar, 2004). Ecommerce or electronic commerce is the act of doing business over the internet through the aid of remote computers linked to each other to form a network. Specifically, it allows the users to transact business over the internet, where very little or no physical contact between the two parties is involved (Umar, 2004). Companies throughout the modern world are increasingly changing from traditional in-store format due to the increased opportunities with online business, as well as reduced cost of doing business (Umar, 2004). Currently, most retail businesses maintain a web storefront, while others have completed deviated from their physical location and moved permanently to the online business location.

Traditional Versus Online Shopping
It is not necessary that the word shopping have the meaning of exchange of goods and services in a specific physical location, as it was the common definition (Columbus, 2009). For instance, it was the only way for the shopper to leave the physical location and visit to the physical market or store in order to shop. However, in the modern world, shopping has greatly been revolutionized primarily through the internet technology. However, there are facets of this revolution that has brought in certain weaknesses with the shopping method, which are not common with traditional in-store method of shopping (Umar, 2004)….

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Capstone Project on Audio Production

September 12, 2011

Capstone Project on Audio Production:
Many people are now thinking of making a career in media entertainment, which is mostly due to fast money, fame and power. However, little do most of the people entering into the entertainment industry know about the industry itself? It takes natural talents to emerge as a good entertainer in which if you are lacking then by trying will be like pushing a wall. It will not be correct to point out that, having a career in audio presentation and recoding is without any challenges however, being good at it encouraging enough to face its challenges.

Having gone to school in a multi-media college, the ability to differentiate sounds has been an encouraging factor as it has been easier to know what the ears can categorize as music and a random noise. it has been to my concern that many producers lack this ability, and while most of them have considered their careers successful, they have gone as far as choosing music at random for their production not because they lack the ability to choose but due to the fact that, as more they produce the more they get richer….

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