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April 4, 2021
i need help with my course project in my quality control class
April 4, 2021

Are any employees of your company represented by labor unions or covered by collective bargaining agreements? Are any of these employees working outside of the United States? Does your company employ expatriates in any overseas operations it might have? If so, what resources does the company provide to train expatriates before they go to the foreign location? Does the company also provide training or support for expatriates during the repatriation phase? To what extent, or in what ways, does your company use the Internet for employee training and development? What products are sold in the company’s international markets? Do they vary by country or by region? What types of promotion does your favorite company emphasize in its international markets? Do they differ from those used in its domestic market? What kinds of distribution channels are being employed in your company’s international markets?
Is the company practicing global procurement? If the company is procuring globally, what goods and services is it procuring and from which countries? Is the company practicing global production? If the company is producing globally, what goods and services are produced globally and in which countries? Has the company outsourced goods and services? Has the company insourced goods and services? Is the company a member of one or more supply chains? If yes, can you identify the major members of the supply chain(s)? In what countries does your company export goods? Import goods? How would changes in the values of these countries’ currencies relative to the U.S. dollar affect transactions and translation risks? Economic risk?
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