2 assignments (2000 and 1500 words each)

First assignment

Essay is intended to test your ability to critically analyse arguments and issues in Chinese Business. Looking for evidence of wide reading and an ability to present a cogent, reasoned argument. A concise essay directly answering the question will score higher marks than a lengthly one containing large number of irrelevancies.

– referenced using chicago system

– 2000 words excluding footnotes, graphs, tables and bilbography

– 12 to 15 references

Topic 2: “in 2016, china’s OFDI surpassed inward FDI for the first time in recent history, reflecting a new role for china as a global investor”

Second assignment

The essay is to be based on a topical employment relations issue in Singapore. The essay should be informed by current and reflective commentary on the issue chosen and must be referenced to a variety of texts, articles and news media. The maximum length is 1500 words. There is no required format, but there must be an introduction, body and conclusion with logically developed arguments. The essay must be printed double spaced on single sided A4 pages. Use of headings is encouraged. Referencing should be APA style.

The essay should use examples from Singapore where appropriate.

2. What are the main responsibilities of unions in Singapore and are they carrying out these responsibilities? Illustrate your answer by including answers to the following:

a. Has the role of unions changed as the economy has developed?

b. Are unions experiencing the same loss of membership as in other developed countries?


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