Describe three 3 ways in which information systems are transforming business
March 31, 2021
You are a manager in a county clinic that provides care to Medicaid clients. Your department budget was recently cut by 15%.Describe how using the toolbox affects accountability, knowledge transfer, and a questioning organization. Be sure to include at least three references in your paper.
March 31, 2021

This brief case is all about financially analyzing a firm. You are to prepare a TWO page note to Mr. Matocha, the senior lending officer at Southwest National Bank. Please address the following issues in your report to the bank about Classic Fixtures financial situation:

Why are Classic’s seasonal loan balance of $37M greater than was forecasted for the end of July?

Are the problems at Classic permanent or transitory?

How much should Mr. Matocha worry about the bank’s exposure to the loan at Classic?

What should Mr. Matocha suggest the management at Classics DO to reduce their loan balance?

What are possible negative implications of these suggestions?

The briefing should be no longer than 2 pages, single spaced with 12 point font and 1” margins. Please use ONLY the material in the case. No outside information (news articles, internet material, etc) is needed NOR SHOULD BE CONSULTED when developing your brief. This is an individual assignment though you may discuss some ideas with the other students in the class, it is expected each student will do their own analysis and writing


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