describe the advantages of using rfid tags over traditional barcode technology identify a business process that could be greatly improved by leveraging rfid technology what added business value would rfid bring to the process
June 3, 2021
complete short statistics homework
June 3, 2021

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Listen to Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, read our Chapter 13 (CBA) and listen to Malcolm X speeches.  After reviewing the assigned material respond to these prompts:  What ideas in this speech are similar to those held or practiced by the Black Panther Party and Malcolm X, at least those we can identify in this material?  Explain in detail such similarities. Make sure you mention Dr. King’s view of Vietnam right to independence. Provide specific information from both the audiovisuals in this folder and your CBA textbook, citing the specific sources used to support your argument.  Remember, there is a lot more to read about these three actors of the Civil Rights movement and our discussion is meant to reflect on the diversity of perspectives but also on the myth of irreconcilable differences within leaders of the African American communities.

MLk speech

Malcom X

CBA Ch 13


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