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December 17, 2020
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December 17, 2020

Draft 2.2 Assignment

800 words

Works Cited
5 Items Required, MLA

Tue, Feb 28, by midnight

Turned in where?
Blackboard and the Interactive Web

For Draft 2.2 revise parts of Draft 2.1 that I have recommended and (maybe) your peers have suggested, include 5 citations in MLA Works Cited format, and increase to 800 words. You may use 2 Works Cited items from your previous essay cycle, but the information and quotations you employ in your text should be new.
Draft 2.1 was a “brainstorming draft”, but Draft 2.2 is “structuring draft”. You will be revising portions of your Draft 2.1 and increasing it to 800 words for your Draft 2.2. Your 800 words should include what I call a “Points and Particulars” structure. You should present at least three or four major points, and each Point should be supported by at least one Particular. The Points should be the main ideas, and the Particulars should be the quotes, data, statistics, or facts that back up each idea.
This structure is more thoroughly covered in my 2-minute .
Get the format right!
As you probably learned from the first essay cycle, the format of in-text citations and Works Cited is extremely important. Please follow the models in my pages, in your handbook, and in the Purdue OWL web site.
Equally important, follow the “evaluation targets” found in my Draft 1.3 Debriefing.
What will I be grading?

As in Draft 2.1, I will not be grading on grammar and usage and correct syntax (sentence patterns), but you should proofread your text carefully before you turn it in. I willpenalize obvious carelessness and “once-read” sloppy copy. I would strongly suggest that you read your text out loud before you turn it in; as I often say, “you ear will catch what your eyes don’t.”
I will be looking for correct MLA format and the quality of your sources in your in-text citations and your Works Cited. Remember that every quote, fact, or statistic that you have taken from a source must have both an in-text citation andan entry in your concluding Works Cited.
I will be looking to see if you have a Points & Particulars structure: main ideas supported by quotes, statistics, and facts.

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