Infant/Toddler Observation-SLO #1 PLEASE LOOK AT THE LINKS I HAVE PROVIDED. Obse
March 22, 2021
Psychology of adjustment 4
March 22, 2021

Required: Use the paragraph template below to expand the thinking for sources: The Devil Came on Horseback and Jeanna Brynerâ€s LiveScience article.
Introducing Standard Views
Introducing Claim
Introducing Quotations/Paraphrased Statements
Explaining Quotations/Paraphrased Statements
Indicating Who Cares
Establishing Why Your Claims Matter
Conventional wisdom has it that__________________________________________. The genocide in Darfur is a modern day atrocity. The unconscious weighing of costs and benefits despite human natureâ€s biological tendencies to respond to suffering explain why there has been a seemingly lack of meaningful intervention by the international community to stop the humanitarian crisis driven by Omar Al Bashir. The Witness Award winning documentary , The Devil Came on Horseback states, ______________. Basically, ________________________ is saying _________________. From Brian Steidleâ€s viewpoint, _____________________________________. In other words, __________ believes ______________________________________. To explain the actions of the international community, Jeanna Bryner contends ______________. In making this point, _____ argues that _______________. _____________ maintain that __________________________. For example, _________ emphasizes that ______________________________. My own view is ______________. I agree that _______________________ because __________________ it. Due to the fact that it is consistently observed that, _________________. Furthermore, _____________________________. At first glance, the conflict in Darfur appears to ________________________. But on closer inspection _____________________. Ultimately, what is at stake here is ___________________________. Although the human rights of _________ may seem of concern to only ________________, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about __________________.
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