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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

students will prepare one policy brief of about 1000 words analyzing the key risks and implications arising from that week’s issues and developments and formulating short, clear, and easily digestible policy recommendations for practitioners. Training will be given on how to maximise the impact of policy writing and delivery by cutting through large masses of material to identify and highlight events, trends, and developments that are significant, particularly where there are important policy or other implications at stake.

By being crisp memos should be short and sweet with clear, logical flow. open with the most important information, followed by points that support it .

Memos should include all necessary information and nothing more. treat all issues raised by the incoming document or related to the meeting or event. do not avoid tough questions.

Every word should tell.

use short paragraphs and short sentences.

write as you speak.

don’t overuse big words when little ones will do.

Focusing on the gulf (the middle east) policy changes from the readings I will provide down below.


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