Technology’s Impact on Population Health
April 25, 2018
process is to develop a question from the nursing practice problem of interest.
April 25, 2018

I have chosen to do my project on opening an affordable child care center for children with special needs in the Plainfield or Camby IN area.

The center would have RN and LPN’S on staff always. Also, it would provide a feeding clinic (no matter how the child is to be feed), Early Intervention, speech, and therapy. Also, would have staff available for the parents to get answers to many medical problems for their child or refer them to where they would need to go to assist them with these problems.
Utilize the needs assessment template to identify the needs of your project area.
Refer to last week’s readings on pages 1-5 of this resource may help you formulate wording and to understand why a needs Assessment is a necessary component of a project.
Include at least two additional resources.
Complete and submit the Needs Assessment template.
Article – Planning and Organizing Proposals and Technical Reports

My book is Project Planning and Management; A guide for nurses and interprofessional teams (2nd edition) by; James l. Harris, Linda Roussel, Catherine Dearman, and Patricia L. Thomas. 2016.


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