crisis303 research paper on acute stress response
December 6, 2020
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December 6, 2020

For this Assignment, view the case study titled “Anxiety Disorder Case Study: Mary.”Assume the role of a mental health professional to respond to the client call. Review the medication that the psychiatrist prescribed and explain the expected effects and side effects of its use. Plan a treatment strategy.
In a 3-page, APA-formatted paper with references, include the following:

An explanation of any concerns, ethical or otherwise, you may have regarding the client’s generalized anxiety disorder treatment
An explanation of the factors you would take into consideration in developing a strategy to treat the client’s generalized anxiety disorder
An explanation of a treatment strategy for the client’s generalized anxiety disorder along with a justification for your strategy
An explanation of how you would advocate for your treatment strategy

Assignment must be 100% original no plagiarism! 🙂

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