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December 18, 2020
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December 18, 2020

Discussion Assignment: An Interim Assessment of Your “Diversity Journey”

Over the past 5 weeks, you have studied the complex nature of diversity and related topics. With the help of challenging assignments, you examined your thinking and assumptions about diversity from both professional as well as personal perspectives. Now is the time for you to take stock of your learning experiences so far in this course, to evaluate which diversity topics continue to challenge you, and which stoke your professional passion.

In preparation for this Discussion ask yourself the following:

Considering all of the topics of study in this course, which one(s) surprised/captivated/concerned/provoked me most—and in what way(s)?

How has what I have been learning modified or changed the ways I think about diversity?

Which topics and issues related to diversity stoke my professional passion—and why?

Which topics and issues related to diversity continue to challenge and/or make me feel uncomfortable—and why?

About which topics do I want to learn more?

If I were to articulate one new professional goal, in what ways can I integrate my understanding of diversity into that goal?

Take your time with each of these steps, allow yourself the benefit of deep reflection, and the development of meaningful new insights.

References: PLUS THE FILE

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