Internet Research Article/ Google’s Business Models
February 22, 2021
Determine whether or not government regulation to ensure fairness in the low-calorie, frozen microwavable food industry is needed
February 22, 2021

Part I – Making up for Lost Time
Myra edged between two other moms along the rope that lined the cross-country course. Tis would be the best place to see the runners as they climbed the final hill to the finish. It was her daughter Hannah’s first season running at the college level and so far, she had done really well. Myra knew Hannah hoped to be near the front of the pack in this race, and she leaned against the rope as shouts from downhill signaled the arrival of the leading runners. Myra scanned the pack for Hannah, and… there! A flash of red hair and blue uniform. She was on pace for a PR (as a seasoned cross-country mom, Myra knew that meant personal record).
She started to scream encouragement but was distracted by a dark blur that raced across the field toward the runners. She barely recognized the blur to be three deer before they plowed through the runners and into the adjacent tree line. It wasn’t hard to recognize the runner that was thrown into the air upon impact with one of the deer; a runner with red hair and a blue uniform!
Myra didn’t remember how she got to Hannah. She only remembered rudely shoving through the crowd gathered around Hannah, screaming her name. Hannah was sitting on the ground, dazed and slumped to one side. Myra searched for signs of a serious injury, but she was quickly pushed back as several emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and an athletic trainer surrounded Hannah. She could hear Hannah’s labored breathing, a wet gasping sound punctuated with grunts of pain. It was awful to listen to. The EMTs worked quickly, murmuring medical jargon that meant nothing to Myra. They put a cervical collar on Hannah, and it wasn’t long before they had her strapped to a backboard and loaded carefully onto the four-wheeled utility vehicle that would take her of the course. One of the EMTs explained to Myra that the hospital was only 10 minutes away so they would transport Hannah by ambulance and she should follow in her car. Myra only vaguely heard what he said; she was too frightened by Hannah’s pale face, her gasping attempts to breathe, and the smear of blood on the side of her uniform shirt.


What potential injuries could Hannah have sustained when the deer hit her? Explain your choices

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