acid base disorders discussion
April 4, 2021
Select one stage of human development and discuss strategies for working with this population in groups.
April 4, 2021

my professor comment on my work and that’s her notes please follow the instruction and carefully follow her note and my work in the attachment and just answer the questions.

I have noted that many of your slides appear to be copied from the vendor information that you referenced.  Please answer the following questions in your own words and on your own, not as a group.

1.  For the product you discussed, what would be a challenge for implementing it?

2.  How would a business use all of the products your group discussed?  Give a specific example of this.

3.  Why did you pick the product you did for your category of products?  Provide some specific examples of why a company would choose this product over others of the same type?

don’t forget the refrennces and she said I have to write it in my own words


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