In a well written essay of at least 400 words, and with meaning examples, please
December 14, 2020
Benchmark – Feedback
December 14, 2020

For this week, answer only one of the following three questions: Word count: 350
1) Write 1-2 pages on the “moundbuilder” debate of North America. What were some of the early hypotheses for construction? How was this debate finally resolved?
2) Write 1-2 pages about Otzi the iceman. What types of artifacts or ecofacts are found with the iceman? What types of analytical techniques were performed on his remains? How do scientists believe he died?
Reading attached file, title Anth 145 Chapter 2
3) Select one survey or sampling technique reviewed in the readings. Write 1-2 pages discussing your selected method including how it has contributed to helping archaeologists identify sites.
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