Demonstrates strong and succinct expansion of main points of poster abstract within presentation
May 8, 2018
In school settings, faculty and staff are charged with protecting students, but how can they protect those students who choose to harm themselves?
May 8, 2018

(2,5-4 Pages, typed, APA-ish format) (No quotes allowed) (cite your source and paraphrase the content.) to help you apply neurological concepts and theories to everyday life, select a drug (prescription or illicit) that is readily available, and describe its nature (natural or synthetic), manufacturer (how created), distribution (pill, shot, smoked), structure (crystals, powder), neuroreceptor targets, prevalence, effect (how makes user feel), potency, dosage, half-life, tolerance, sensitization, abuse (why), usefulness, withdrawal, side effect, and personal reaction (what you’ve learned). Four references from quality sources are required (NIH, Mayo, etc.). No quotes allowed; cite your source and paraphrase the content.


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