For this assignment, you are going to write a three-page paper (not including Title and Reference pages) analyzing an intelligence theory of your choice. The paper must include:The history of the inte
June 3, 2021
There are six ways in which a person and the situation interact to shape a person’s goals, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.These are:1. Different persons respond differently to the same situation.2.
June 3, 2021

Applying and Sharing Evidence


This week’s graded topics relate to the following Course Outcomes (COs).

·         CO 1: Examine the sources of evidence that contribute to professional nursing practice. (PO 7)

·         CO 2: Apply research principles to the interpretation of the content of published research studies. (PO 4 & 8)

·         CO 4: Evaluate published nursing research for credibility and significance related to evidence-based practice. (PO 4 & 8)

·         CO 5: Recognize the role of research findings in evidence-based practice. (PO 7 & 8)


Assigned Readings

Houser, J. (2018). Nursing research: Reading, using, and creating evidence (4th ed.). Jones and Bartlett.

·         Chapter 1: The Importance of Research as Evidence in Nursing

·         Chapter 16: Translating Research into Practice

NOTE: All items on this page are considered Assigned Readings for the week and may not be used for Scholarly Outside Sources in Discussions. For scholarly outside sources, please explore the Chamberlain Library or Webliography.


Application and implications for practice come from the interpretation of meaning from research findings. Communicating and using research evidence is an expectation of a BSN graduate.

·         Select and describe one of the conclusions from the required article from the Week 6 assignment that you found interesting and applicable to practice. Describe how you would apply the evidence to improve nursing practice. Explain your answer.

·         Discuss ways you would disseminate research-based evidence; how would you share with your peers? Include your thoughts on why it is important for you to be involved in communicating and applying nursing research evidence.



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