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February 22, 2021
PSY497 Argosy University Compare and Contrast Theories of Counseling
February 22, 2021

The Mind and Body Project: Identity, Gender, Race, Class
Open Book/Open Source Project
You will utilize and research the resources I have provided you with: artists, films and videos we have viewed together in class, your chapter reading, “Mind and Body,” your own views, thoughts and opinions.
You will create a presentation using slides or powerpoint.
All questions = 5 points for a total of 100
General instructions:

Use a cover – Cover Title: “The Mind and Body Project: Identity, Gender, Race, Class”
Your name, class code, date
Each slide should contain the following:

Make sure you give their names, describe what art genre or form the artist specializes in.
Provide images and links to YouTube, if available
List their work title, year made and medium used
When asked, describe your opinion in 3-5 sentences to include name of artist, work, your description of what we are seeing, why did she/he/they made it and what was your intent. The past sentence should be your opinion on the work.

The last slide will be a list of the sources used in each slide

Answer the following questions (use one slide to answer all of them):

What does the word contemporary mean?
What does Performance Art mean?
What does Action Painting mean?
What is surrealism?

The Body as Art Material and Art Making Tool (one slide per question):

Give two examples of contemporary artists we have seen in class who use their bodies as material for art making
Give an example of an ancient fertility goddess listed in this or a previous chapter. And answer the following: Why were fertility goddesses important throughout the history of humanity, what is its symbolism?
In your opinion what type of body ornamentation do we see almost everywhere in the world today? Give examples (if not in your book, seek your example online – list the source on the slide, Wikipedia is not a valid source)
What famous abstract expressionist painter does your book mention who uses the movement of his body to paint abstractly?
In The Psychological Dimension of Art section of your book who are Mark Rothko and Matta? (Use outside sources if necessary) – give one example for each.

In Identity Politics and Art, the video comments on how art is a powerful tool for political and social criticism and change. Use as many slides you need to address these questions.

List the five artists and their works mentioned in the video (seek online for proper name spellings, as needed). Then answer the following:

What sort of societal shifts were observed by artists of the 1960’s? In your opinion, why is it important, or not, to bring awareness to these issues?
The commentator says that “some artists began to use marginalized perspectives.” What were artists trying to highlight through these views or perspectives?
What is the “gaze” or the “male gaze” referring to in the video and why?
The narrator addresses that one of the works in the film comments on “America’s inability to confront its racist history, embodied in its monuments and institutions.” Who made this installation art piece, when was it made, and how, in your opinion, does this work mirror our current state of social affairs in the US today. Give examples of circumstances publicly known or addressed in contemporary life.


In the video, The Classical Moment and Beyond, why were ancient male sculptures said to be “the measure of all things?” What are the three sculptures depicted in the video, when were they created and where in the world. Look for images online as needed.

The Changing Image of Christ, video. Answer the following questions:

According to the video where in ancient Rome were the first images of Christ found?
What does the narrator observe about the halo in a depiction of Christ at Ravena?
What are the catacombs? (if not found, seek your example online – list the source on the slide, Wikipedia is not a valid source)
What European countries of today formed part of the Roman Empire. Look for a map.

Your opinion counts:

Why is contemporary art important to culture and society? If you disagree, why is it not?

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