How is coercion used?
December 14, 2020
Homework Question Need Answered 250 word minimum
December 14, 2020

An argument based on a Definition
Choose a word from the list of abstract terms below and write an extended and complete written definition essay argument, you must include specific details to animate your abstraction. New times roman font 12, MLA citation and 3-4 doubled spaced pages. Here are some possible strategies for writing: do not feel compelled to use all
Stipulate your precise meaning but don’t begin with a dictionary definition unless you plan to use it or disagree with it.
Provide examples of term
Explain the function or purpose of term
Explore etymology of the term and use the history of the term to help make a point
Examine the connotations
Discuss sparingly what it is not
Draw analogies.
Here are the terms below
Addiction, Alcoholism, art, cool, courage, cult, defeat, depression, education, elite, gossip, heroism, identity, law, leader, maturity, political correctness, politician, pornography, progress, terrorism, the middle class , torture.

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