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January 13, 2021
Managing Strategy Execution
January 13, 2021

For this last out-of-class essay, you will write an argument. You must skillfully present an informed, reasoned, and persuasive argument, stating a claim that captures the most effective perspective currently available for your chosen issue. You are expected to demonstrate mature sophisticated rhetorical fluency, through the articulation of the various concepts we have discussed this semester. This includes establishing exigence and context for your issue, presenting a specific claim, arguing on behalf of it through the use of properly researched critical sources as well as solid reasoning, explaining opposing views in order to demonstrate command of the issue and build common ground, structuring the body of your paper in such a way that maximizes clarity, and offering a thoughtful conclusion. In other words, this assignment will show your understanding and growth in the area of critical reasoning and writing.
Ten full pages in length using MLA format
A specific claim that attempts to persuade an audience
Seven to ten scholarly sources used and properly cited in order to advance and support the argument
Your sources must reflect a diversity of perspectives and formats
A properly formatted Works Cited page
A conclusion that summarizes and extends this claim
Topics for selection are the following:
Has the Internet destroyed privacy? How free should campus speech be?
How is social media changing American democracy?
Will job automation affect American culture?
Is our criminal justice system color blind? Does it treat people equitable, regardless of race?
Due Date: This final out-of-class essay with annotated bibliography is due on Tuesday, May 14,2019 4 page rough draft on May 7,2019
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