complete the quot critical thinking challenge quot answer questions 1 2 3 and 4
March 22, 2021
400 word quot personal statement quot essay for a university application
March 22, 2021

Please submit your answers numbered according to each question. 
1-What is the limitation of Post and Lintel construction?
2-What was the meaning of figurative scale (size) differences in ancient Egyptian art?
3-Define Contraposto and explain why the ancient Greeks used it:
4-Name the three traditional Greek column forms in order of development:
5-How is Relief sculpture different from other sculpture?
6-Why does much ancient Egyptian sculpture face forward?
7-How do Minoan columns differ from later column forms and why?
8-Explain the difference between the true dome and the corbelled dome:
9-How are the temple forms at Petra, Jordan different from traditional architecture?
10-What is the dilemma faced by museum conservators in caring for artwork?
due after 20 hours.
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