Autosomal dna genetics

In this activity, you will interpret and analyze genetic genealogy test results returned from the testing company. You will also have the opportunity to formulate and apply a strategic testing plan using DNA to analyze a genealogical question.

Engage in the two discussion questions that follow. For best grading results and to shape the discussions, read the accompanying rubric before posting. Post at least one original comment and at least two thoughtful responses to classmates in each discussion. The discussion board will open on the first Monday and stay open throughout the module, closing when the module does. Posting your original comments no later than Thursday night gives your classmates time to respond and maximizes your possible points.

For the following question, assume that Mary and Susan share the segments of DNA on chromosomes 5, 12, and 14.

Discussion Question #1: What other information might be helpful as you try to understand the relationship between Mary and Susan? Mary and Susan are in contact with each other, and are willing to share their family trees with each other. Without including additional DNA testing as a step, design a plan with at least 5 steps to analyze Mary and Susan’s relationship.

For the next question, assume that Mary and Susan have not taken any other DNA tests, and none of their close family members have taken a DNA test.

Discussion Question #2: Is it possible that additional DNA testing might help elucidate the relationship between Mary and Susan? What possible scenarios might additional DNA testing of any type add to the information gathered on their relationship?

Assume that Mary and Susan compare their family trees and both have an umbilical line (mother’s mother’s mother’s…mother) brick wall at 6 generations with the surname Underhill. Alternatively, assume that Mary and Susan trace their trees and have a paternal (father’s father’s father’s father) brick wall at 5 generations with the surname Rogerson. Describe what these scenarios would mean with regard to their possible relationship, and what test(s) would they take to pursue these avenues?

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