Adolescent Cognitive Development
December 17, 2020
assignment week 10 2
December 17, 2020

A.Format:3 pages maximum, double-spaced using standard font (11 or 12 pt.) and page format, and page numbers. Write Your Full Name, Course Section and Class Time/Day similar to the sample analysis, (- 3 points for a different format)
B.Make sure to use section (Background, Problem Statement.. Metrics) and subsection titles (Strength, Weakness… Core Competence, Intermediate Metrics)
• 5 points deduction if missing any.
C.Make sure that strength and weakness are internal (Skills/Something the company is good/bad at)
•5 points deduction if not internal
D.Make sure that opportunities and threats are environment driven (PEST Analysis, Porter Model).
•Discuss how the environment is changing.
•Do not focus on what the company could do.
•5 points deduction if content is not about changes in the environment
E.At Least Three Citations Required (-2 points per missing citation)


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