March 27, 2019
Literature; The Renaissance
March 27, 2019

Business; Digital Information Management
I have to do a reflective report according to the assignment.
"You are required to undertake a social campaign on your concern on our global usage of plastics. You can either develop or share your campaign using Twitter. Your Campaign is to be managed within Blackboard only, so that your information management evidence is captured.

Get into a preferred group (size 3-4 students)

1. Create your social campaign in or uploaded to Twitter (30%) (done)
2. Prepare a group presentation using Panopto and upload to Blackboard (30%) (done)
3. Prepare an individual reflective report of 1000 words. It should cover a description and reflection of your personal, social and technical contribution. In particular, your understanding of the digital information management concepts applied. (30%) (I have to do)
4. Blackboard groups: Group communication and dynamics, content, participation, engagement in co-creation, presentation and use of Blackboard functionality. (10%) (done)"

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