Drug Testing At Work
April 4, 2021
term paper international terrorism choose an international terrorist group from the following list and use the internet or strayer databases located at https research strayer edu to research the origin purpose and effects on the united states or
April 4, 2021

The purpose of the term paper is to apply the techniques and concepts learned during the course to a dataset to answer a research question. The term paper needs to be at least 8 pages with double spacing, font size 11, normal margins (1 inch on all four sides). This minimum includes the tables. Choose your dataset for this paper. See the attached sample paper. 
Please include a discussion on the following in your paper:
1. The research question or problem being analyzed
2. A small literature review which could either include theory or empirical work
3. The dataset used (source, year, variables, the structure of dataset (panel/ time-series/ cross-section), if you have modified or created variables explain it here.) 
4. Tables to be reported
· Summary statistics 
· Correlations for all regressors 
· Regressions with heteroskedastic standard errors (concise table)
· Table of alternate functional forms (concise table)
5. Conclusion – including the final chosen model – via hypothesis testing.


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