Explain the implications of basing capacity requirements for a service facility on average demand. Looking at the data, suggest another way to locate the departments which would result in a better load-distance score.
April 4, 2021
Discuss the definitions, roles and interplay among the three essential components of successful HIT implementation: technology, policies and procedures and organization culture.
April 4, 2021

Suggested Written Format (SWF) Format for 2ndAssignment

Paper is due 2/13/2019

This assignment should be written on your visit to a restaurant where you experienced some type of service. You may have been impressed with the restaurant’s service, staff, ambience, restaurant’s theme, their location, prices or their food.

Write a minimum of two (2) pages and no more than 3 pages 12 Fonts and singled space.

You must have a cover sheet indicating your name, Course Title and number, date assignment is due & Title of paper & Professor’s name. Choose a restaurant of your choice.

  1. Name of restaurant and the location
  2. Give a brief history of the restaurant.
  3. State the restaurant’s Mission Statement.”
  4. Was the restaurant local, privately owned, or a restaurant chain, etc?
  5. What is the dress code, if any for this particular restaurant?
  6. Were you there for a special occasion?
  7. Did the restaurant live up to your expectations?
  8. Does the restaurant offer any discounts? Senior citizen, military, etc.
  9. What is this restaurant known for? If anything at all.
  10. On a scale of 1-10…With ten being the highest score..How would you rate the service, the food server, the food etc.?
  11. What is the average cost of a dinner for 2? What would this cost include?
  12. What has the restaurant done to be more environmentally friendly? If anything. Just asked the manager when you are in the restaurant.
  13. Tell me about the ambience of the restaurant?
  14. What made the restaurant or service unusual?
  15. Was this a good or bad experience for you?
  16. What was the “moment of truth” for you while at the restaurant?
  17. Would you recommend the restaurant? Why or why not?
  18. Tell me something about the restaurant’s target market? Who are the people they are trying to attract? Does the restaurant cater to a younger crowd, older, middle class, or affluent market?
  19. What do you think makes a restaurant successful?
  20. What competitive advantage do you think this restaurant has over it’s competitor, if any at all.

These are just a few suggestions and guidelines, you can add more information if you so desire.


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