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March 27, 2019
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Business;Competitive Analysis for Laparoscope Technology
The key to this assignment is to gather information around what the competitive landscape looks like for the product described. One page double-spaced should be sufficient, but no firm requirement on that . Good analysis will draw some sort of conclusion as to the viability of the product given the competition. We discussed multiple factors to consider, and they’re all in the notes from Monday. Feel free to reach out with any more questions.
I will attach the notes from monday below. Plus, I will attach the laparoscope slide show

Framing: Things to Consider
• Think in terms of companies
– Resources: sales force, cash, manufacturing
– Don’t forget adjacent companies with applicable resources
• Think in terms of products
– Revenues, price
– Patent status
– Quality
• Think in terms of c
A Crude Tool: SWOT Analysis
• Strengths/Weaknesses: internal
• Opportunities/Threats: external
• Google Silicon Valley’s take on SWOT on own time
• What would this look like for Medici?
SWOT for Medici
• Strengths:
– Mimics physiological control of bladder
– Huge market opportunity
– Initial trial could answer many questions for cheap
– Intellectual property
• Weaknesses:
– Concerns about design and efficacy
– Who is the team?
– Infection risk is real
SWOT for Medici
• Opportunities:
– Partnership with catheter manufacturers
– Find a narrow market with high unmet need to launch
• Threats:
– Competitors could work around IP estate
– Reimbursement levels may be crucial to success
Health Technology Tools
• Market research reports
– BCC Market Research—available with Duke log-in
– Others
• Annual reports—public companies
• Daily web publications like Fierce—Biotech, Pharma,
Med Device, Diagnostic
• Google Patents
• Clinicaltrials.gov
• Potent combination: student + LinkedIn + telephone

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