Can this be done by 1pm tomorrow?DQmistrust

When people give donations to human services organizations, they trust that the organizations will use the funds to support programs and services provided to those in need. If there is any indication that human services administrators misuse funding, there will likely be consequences for the organization. Misuse of funds can be a difficult matter for an organization to overcome. A single instance of misuse of funds can have wide-ranging effects on public trust.

For this Discussion, search the Internet or the Walden Library for information on a human services or nonprofit organization that has had an incident with misuse of funds in the last 3 years. Some examples are Red Cross, United Way, and American University. Then consider how that incident affected public trust.

Post an example of misuse of funds by an administrator in a human services organization that took place within the last 3 years. Then explain how the example affected public trust. Be specific and use specific examples to illustrate you point.


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