Case Studies 19847623

For this assignment, we are going to look the topic of immigration through a different lens–DNA.  Read the following article and then answer the questions below:
Why did the Federal government start this pilot program?  What is the ultimate goal? Who will and will not be subject to this particular type of testing?   What are the concerns given by those who oppose such a program requirement? What are the pros of such a program, long term, in our country? What do you think about our participation in this pilot program?  Do the pros outweigh the cons, or vice-versa? 
 This assignment must follow MLA guidelines, be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and be a minimum of 500 words with a works cited page.  The works cited are not included in the minimum word count. Any sources provided in the assignment prompt MUST be used within your paper and cited in your works cited.  Other sources used must be cited as well. 
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