April 1, 2019
Nursing;Discuss Hildegard Peplau model approach to patient care . Explain how this theory reinforces nursing care approach.
April 1, 2019

Case Study;The Green Team"
Complete the "Case Study 2-2 "The Green Team" on pg. 53. Answer all the question on the case. Write the question and respond to the question. Only documents in docx format will be accepted. Follow the APA style format provided.

You will be graded on how well you answer the case questions. Answering the case questions involves identifying relevant facts from the case, applying the chapter concepts to the case, and answering each question completely. Proper APA formatting is expected (cited sources, abstract, reference page, etc.). Supplement and synthesize your analysis with outsides scholarly sources. Your submission should be presented in the form of a business document. Presentation counts.

You have been asked by Green Team to critique their pilot program, pointing outstrengths and weaknesses as well as the addition of new initiatives for them to consider.

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