Health Care Discussion questions
December 14, 2020
Two essays
December 14, 2020

A minimum of 350 words with at lease one  references from:
Cooper, J. O., Heron, T. E., & Heward, &. W. (2007).  Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd ed.). Pearson Education Inc.  
In Chapter 2 of “Basic Concepts” (p.39, Cooper, Heron, & Heward) the authors discuss the difference between behavioral principles and behavior change techniques. Think back to a behavior (it could be one of your own) that you had hoped to change. What technique did you use? Using your understanding of behavior principles, explain your behavior and why your technique did or did not work. Make a clear connection between the behavioral principles and your technique.
Note:  *Be sure to focus on an observable behavior and avoid hypothetical constructs like frustration, depression, or anger.


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