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December 14, 2020
critique discusion below 2
December 14, 2020

Watch the video titled “Groundwater Contamination” (4 min 35 sec) that you can view  at Next, explain the main reasons why some groundwater sources that we use may be more vulnerable to chemical contamination than others. Next, suggest two (2) strategy that the government can take to reduce groundwater contamination.
Access the “USGS Hazards” website at Choose one (1) of the following geologic hazards: earthquake, landslide, or flood. Next, determine the key factors that influence the occurrence of your chosen hazard. Then, analyze the human role in elevating the risks of occurrence, as well as mitigation strategies to minimize damage and loss of life.
Watch the video titled “Ocean Temperatures – Changing Planet” (6 min 4 sec)  at Next, describe one (1) way that scientists use the ocean to monitor climate change. Then, examine the overall impact of a warmer ocean on the climate.

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