What rhetorical devices does Hemingway use to deliver these reactions to his audience? What does diction have to do with it? Explain.
February 24, 2021
watch the videos then discuss.
February 24, 2021

Pleaselet me know ASAP.. i dont have time, but am ready to negotiate the pricce
I am an undergrad student taking general chemistry lab and I am behind 4 lab discussions (2 page each) and the report sheet calculations.
Hi there,
Among the uploaded files, except for lab 2, all the others need discussion and report done. Lab 6 includes Malachite synthesis.
Lab 2 only requires the calculations for the report sheet (all calculations must be shown in full details).
So basically lab 3,4,5,6 need calculations done, the report page, and discussion (each discussion is 2 page in length).
I am uploading report sheet pages shortly.
instructions for lab report as per syllabi:Full reports must include a detailed analysis of the validity of your results and the factorsaffectingthe experimental data. The analysis must be written in the form of a discussion(details are in the section‘How to prepare for & write up laboratory reports’). Your TA willdetermine a score for the results of your experiment based on the accuracy of yourresults andyour ability to explain those results. For partial reports (Experiments 2, 6, 7, 8 and 10), your
score for this section will be based on accuracy
Hi there,
All pages corresponding with each lab such as lab experiment, report sheet, and instructions have been uploaded.
Lab 3,4,5 are full reports, i.e it should be completed with report sheet, discussion and hand written calculation (what to calulate is on the experiment instruction page under CALCULATIONS and the data can be found in the laboratory observations that were handwritten).
Lab2,6 are partial reports. The instructions for it can also be found in the relevant uploaded pages.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further clarification.

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