explain why kant thought that lying was always wrong using the categorical imperative as a guide 250 words
February 8, 2021
The Effect of an Electric Field on Moving Charges physics lab 29 help
February 8, 2021

Choose three priority nursing diagnosis. The nursing care plan should include:
What the diagnosis is related to?
Evidence that supports the chosen nursing diagnoses.
Planned outcomes that are patient-centered.
Nursing interventions that are evidence-based and include rationales.
How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the plan? Include an evaluation tool or rubric?
Grading Rubric:
Module 10 Course Project – Semester Project Completion
Scoring Rubric:
Criteria PointsDescribes the patient that is the subject of the project including diagnoses, medications, and history OR describes the community, its strengths and problems and the mental health issue that will be the subject of the paper. 4Includes any substance abuse or violence issues for the patient or community 2Discusses attempted interventions, what has been successful and what has not. 4Describes own personal thoughts about the patient’s or community’s mental health issues. 4Describes any cognitive concerns and possible interventions. 2Writes a nursing care plan including three priority nursing diagnoses with r/t and AEB factors. 4Includes outcomes in NOC language and interventions in NIC language with a plan for evaluation. 4Identifies mental health resources that can be used with the patient or community. Includes an educational tool. 4Supports answers using academic resources, with citations in APA format. 2TotalREQUIREMENTS
school mental health school NU249 bookEssentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Varcarolis iii Varcarolis Elizabeth M Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing A Communication


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