Journal #1
January 13, 2021
Health Promotion PowerPoint
January 13, 2021

In this activity, you will find a way to express the concepts related to uniform circular motion in your own words. Your form of expression can be a story, song, poem, letter to a friend,etc.
Include at least four of the following important concepts in your story:

Uniform circular motion
Centripetal Force
Tangential velocity
Centripetal Acceleration
The physics concepts and terminology must be accurate in the way they are woven into your story and to the context of the storyline. Credit will not be given for simply including the physics terms. Make sure that the point at which the physics concepts are referenced in your story are clear to your instructor. Highlight the term in your text (color, underline, etc.) for emphasis.
Properly recognize the work of others (images, video, sound, music, words, etc.) through a “Citations” page (or image) using MLA guidelines.

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