I need 800-1020 word essay on global warming in Maldives. How does it affect business?
February 21, 2021
Target Market and Unique Benefits
February 21, 2021

Total 6000 words excluding references. Include intext citation and use harvard referencing style.
· Abstract (200 words)
o What is already known in the field?
o What is the study about or purpose of research?
o How research was done?(Describe material samples and methods)
o What did the research find out?(Research outcome)
o Interpret results giving implications.(What does the results mean?)
Body of Dissertation
1. What is bamboo construction.
a. Typology of Construction
i. Height, Climatology, Limitations
b. Process of Bamboo Construction
i. Types of components and joints
2. Can robotic fabrication assist in improving or bridging the limitation in bamboo construction?
a. Where?
b. How?
c. Robotic Construction Case Studies
3. Findings
a. Opportunity
b. Limitations
c. Improvements and Future research
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