Clothing Brand – My Perfect Tutors

Topic: Clothing brand 
I need a PowerPoint on talking about my Company which is a Clothing brand.
What is the industry like, how the customers are? Product are? What kind of investment your looking for and how you going to pay it back?  How much money need? 
Such as: Products/Services, Customer profile defined, Investment type and amount, Exit Strategy, and Bling (pictures, charts, graphs, etc.)
Make sure to add the donations towards mental health facilities with each sale in order to differentiate our business? 
These are main points for the PowerPoint:  
· Prioritize donating with every sale
· What the business is- Clothing brand that prioritizes selling street wear
· What the products are- Hoodies, shirts, pants, socks, hats, coats
· Who the customer is- From a young generation usually people from ages 18-25? 
· How much money we need – 80,000?
· How we plan on paying you back- + 5% interest for 5 years

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