Pathopharmacological Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice
April 23, 2018
You are preparing to help the staff understand the differences between various translation documents, also called research summaries
April 23, 2018

a) Community Report:
Write a report establishing a health promotion strategy for an
identified health priority in your chosen local community. You
will explore this community through guided questions, perform a
community assessment and formulate a health promotion plan for
your chosen priority. This task is similar in concept to the
‘sandshoe survey’ that many of you undertook in CNA126.
However, this assessment builds upon that foundation and asks
you to demonstrate how you apply community assessment,
strategy planning and Community Practice Nursing Interventions
(CPNIs) relevant to your chosen community. Please read and
closely follow the instructions in the ‘Guide to Assessment 3a
Community Report’ available


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