March 31, 2021
ORGINAL Work Only!! APA- Nursing Essay- Scholarly- With References
March 31, 2021

Week 3 Forum
Instructions: Each students answer to the question should be between 350 words.Post should include introduction, body and conclusion. A minimum of two references need to be used in the development of your answer.Also, be mindful of including references and citations whenever citing facts to support your position. APA 6th edition citations and references must be used always!
 1.  Compare and contrast the theories behind juvenile sex offending.
2.   Discuss the growing problem of sexting and the laws regarding this form of pornography.
 Forum Rubric

Zero Points

Substance (Possible 40 points)
Zero points:Student failed to respond to the essay question
25 points:Presentation is unclear; a basicunderstanding of the topic and issues is not evident; explanation is lacking; segments of the required answer are lacking; sources and supporting facts are not utilized; length requirements may not have been met.
30 points:Student’s initial posting did not meet the length requirement; and/or presentation evidencessome confusion concerning topics under discussion; analysis may be lacking and/or elements of the question are not answered; support and references may be lacking.
35 points:Student answered/addressed most aspects of the question/topic posed in the Forum; initial posting met length requirement; abasic understanding of relevant concepts/theories is demonstrated; relevant sources were located; minimal or no facts/examples were used in support of presentation.
40 points: Student answered/addressed all aspects of the topic/question posed in the Forum; initial posting met length requirement; analysis of concepts and theories clearlydemonstrates superior knowledge and a clear understanding of the topic; relevant and scholarly resources were located and used appropriately; facts and examples are used in support of presentation.

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