What characteristics foster helping behavior? According to Emmons and McCullough (2003) how does gratefulness affect psychological well being? Are their findings compatible with scriptural evidence? I
June 3, 2021
Use assignments 3 & 7 to complete assignment 8: Assignment 8 Using the information described in assignment 3 & 7 to create a chart to provide a visual graphic of how the variables or criteria align
June 3, 2021

Please look at the two files attached below as I will copy and paste some of the more general information. But you should open up the files as it gives all information needed for me to succeed and do well on this huge stats project for my online class.

Rubric given to help you follow as you go through it.

Use the pages and word count as needed whatever is needed for me to do extremely well on this project.

Copy and Paste from link but should check with your own eyes and make sure you can access it from here as well:

You will be performing an analysis on a dataset that contains data on fertility and life expectancy for 198 different countries. All data is from the year 2013. The fertility numbers are the average number of children per woman in each of the countries. The life expectancy numbers are the average life expectancy in each of the countries.

You will be turning in a paper that should include section headings, graphics and tables when appropriate and complete sentences which explain all analysis that was done in addition to all conclusions and results. There is not a specified length, however it is important that you follow all steps below and grade yourself using the rubric provided since it is the rubric that I will be using to grade your submissions. All work should be your own. Plagiarism will result in a project score of 0.


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