Crime Scene Reconstruction

In this crime scene scenario, there are a number of evidence types that you will need to collect. The crime scene is a single-floor house with a burned-down tool shed in the back. There is a mailbox that appears to have been hit by a car backing out of the driveway. It is 90 degrees (F) with 100% humidity.

The items you will collect include the following:

A vial of liquid blood
Stains on clothing that may be semen
A paper packet containing an unknown powder
Fumes from the shed that was burned to the ground, containing a body (the body will be handled by the medical examiner, not you)
Paint transfer apparently from a vehicle onto the mailbox in front of the crime scene
Hair and fiber found on a hammer with what appears to be dried blood.

Describe the methods you would use to pack these items for transport to the lab.
Explain the danger of the evidence degradation due to the environment.
Describe the instrumentation at the lab that might be used to examine the evidence.


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