To discuss, 2.0 Self Reflection Why do you want to be a nurse? – providing care
January 14, 2021
your favorite social network
January 14, 2021

Please use complete sentences and proper grammar in all postings. Remember to reference at least one external scholarly source (in addition to the text or course materials) in your initial post. Please make sure total word count is at least 250 words or more. Please cite sources (2). The company is NewYork and Company. There strategy is using celebrities for individual clothing lines Eva Mendes, Gabrielle Union and Kate Hudson. They also have weekly sales such as 50 percent off the entire store or coupons for 100 off when you spend 200 or NY cash that’s earned when you make a purchase and for card holders reward cash is earned. www.Newtork&Company
Developing and maintaining customer relationships is extremely important to successful marketing. Using scholarly support about relationship marketing, discuss the following:

Identify and describe an organization that you feel is successful in maintaining good customer relationships.
Other than offer good service, explain strategies used to help strengthen relationships with customers.
Remember, avoid using a company/product/service examples or references previously used by students who have already posted.

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