Cuyamaca College Pharmacy as A Career Health Professional Interview

Discussion post about the Americans view of humankind and american society during the Jacksonian Area. |January 25, 2021Political Science homework help – Coursework GeeksJanuary 25, 2021Please fallow these INSTRUCTIONS:Interview a health professional in the field you ultimately plan to be employed in as a career.Use the following questions during your interview and select 2 questions of your own that you believe are important for the position.You may ask more than just the 2 questions to total 10 questions as a minimum requirement of this assignment, but you are not limited to the 10.Name, position held, company, and how long have they worked for this company/organization/agency?Attach business card and/or contact information.What is the company/organization/agency mission statement or philosophy?What are the minimum qualifications for the position held?What aspects do they enjoy the most in this position?The least?Es the company you work for provide in service education/training for its employees and offer continuing education programs?If so, what have you attended lately?Why do you believe you were selected for your current position?Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years?What advice would you give someone like me whose career objective is to be __________________?9& 10) Questions 9 and 10 are for you to make up an open ended question of your own   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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