Describe seven settings in which community health nurses practice.
February 21, 2021
Division of Public Health Dietetic Internship Tobacco Usage in Oklahoma Essay
February 21, 2021

Suppose that a data warehouse consists of the three dimensions, supplier[sup_name, type] customer[cust_name, email, mobile], location[street, city, country], and the two measures units_sold, and sales_amount (in SAR).A) Draw a Star schema diagram for the above data warehouse. Include the appropriate attributes for dimension and factor tables (DT and FT). (0.5 marks)
B) Explain how Snowflake schema can provide better representation over Star schema. In the given 3D warehouse above, determine which DT will be affected when implementing the Snowflake model? (0.5 marks)
C) What specific OLAP operations (roll-up, drill down, dice, slice) should be performed (based on the above schema (A)) in order to list the total sales of each supplier in Saudi Arabia? (0.5 marks)
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