Professionalism assignment 8
February 8, 2021
February 8, 2021

Critical Inquiry Goal: Demonstrate a knowledge base to ask more informed questions andlearn more complex concepts.Search Google News for either “minimum wage,” “rent control,” or “externalities.” Read an articleor two on one of those key words. Write 1-3 paragraphs then include the answers to one set ofquestions below (choose either Minimum Wage or Rent Control or externalities questions). Youwill need to use your textbook and/or your lecture notes to evaluate the statements in the article.Minimum Wage:1) Does the article support an increase in minimum wage? Why or why not?2) According your textbook and/or lecture notes, who benefits from a minimum wage increase andwho suffers from it? How?3) Do the statements in the article align with your textbook and/or lecture notes? Explain.4) Why would a politician favor a minimum wage increase? Cite an example.5) What do you think the minimum wage would be if it was set by economists with the goal ofhelping the poor? Explain your answer using what you have learned about supply and demand.Rent Control:1) Does the article favor rent control? Why or why not?2) According to your textbook and/or lecture notes, if rent control is implemented, what happensto the number of apartments available and the quality of apartments after a couple of years? Dothe statements in the article align with your textbook and/or lecture notes?3) Does economic theory suggest that rent control helps the poor? Explain.4) Does rent control increase or decrease discrimination based on race, gender, age, # of children,etc.? Explain using economic logic.Externalities:1) what examples of externalities does the article use? Briefly explain why they arepositive/negative externalities.2) According to your textbook and/or lecture notes, what are the consequences of positive/negativeexternalities?3) How can we remedy market failure caused by externalities? Is the solution mentioned in thearticle a public policy or a private solution?4) What is Coase Theorem? Use an actual or hypothetical example of how negotiation betweeninterested parties can solve the problem of externality and lead to an efficient outcome.

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