Demonstrates strong and succinct expansion of main points of poster abstract within presentation
May 8, 2018
In school settings, faculty and staff are charged with protecting students, but how can they protect those students who choose to harm themselves?
May 8, 2018

Name, define, and describe in-depth what physical stimulus is necessary in order for the perception to occur. For example, for vision the physical stimulus is light—But what is light? How is it measured? Where is it? Can we see all light? Etc.
2. Then go on a trip! Beginning with an anatomical and physiological description of the sensory end organ continue this description of the neural pathway the “physical stimulus” is taking back to the brain. End with an anatomical and physiological description of the places within the brain the sensory information is processed. Where is perception?
3. Describe something(s) about your sense that is interesting and different from all the other senses.


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