Explain what Mucor is and how a patient is likely to become infected with Mucor
May 8, 2018
Discuss innate immunity
May 8, 2018

Visit a local museum (e.g. Museum of Science or MCZ), aquarium (e.g. NEA), zoo (e.g. Stone Zoo) or similar educational facility and provide photographic documentation of your attendance (and, if allowable, of an animal or small group of closely related* animals on display there). If you are not able to photograph your animal(s) of interest, please find a photograph on the internet (provide web address and credits as needed). *animals may be related based on phylogeny, habitat requirements, etc – please provide an explanation for why you chose the group rather than a single species. Carefully describe the life history, taxonomic classification, environmental requirements, major predators, feeding strategy, geographic range, conservation status, and value to human society, as well as any other facts of interest to you regarding this (these) animal(s) . Describe in detail several aspects of the biology of the organism(s) related specifically to its (their) physiology. Site all appropriate references and be sure to include a minimum of five primary papers that focus specifically on the physiology of your chosen animal(s). Include with your final paper submission, abstracts from the five most important (to your paper) primary papers.


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