Detail the differences in your approach to the cardiovascular assessment and questioning with Tina and Brian. Discuss any abnormal findings you identify and indicated follow-up
April 30, 2021
argumentative paragraphs
April 30, 2021

End of shift report to include Tina continues to complain of pain but is doing better, it’s noticed that she has swelling in her right foot, the same foot that the ulcer is present. Upon assessment she has diminished pedis pulses. Share with the oncoming nurse that her family history consists of hypertension, increased cholesterol, and myocardial infarction.Goal: Tina will have decreased pain the level within 24-48 hoursInterventions administer pain medication every 4-6 hours for 48 hours until the pain is under control. Assess the effectiveness of the pain mediation to determine if dose adjustments need to be made.Evaluation: Tina pain level is 8/10Goal: Educate Tina on alternative lifestyle choices for optimal healthInterventions Set up a consultation with a nutritionist to educate Tina on salt-free or low sodium meals. Offer Tina websites and support groups to help teach her recipes.Goal: Increased tissue perfusionInterventions: Elevate lower extremity under pillow do decrease swelling, Consult with MD to obtain further testing to rule of DVT and monitor.Evaluation: Tina’s right leg is swollen, red and painful, the swelling has decreased and no DVT presentOver the years as a nurse, you build experience and knowledge, once doing the same job for so long, you can point out prognosis and complications that may arise within a patient’s health. Tina is at risk for a DVT based on her foot ulcer and underlying health conditions. She shared that her grandfather passed away some years ago from a heart attack.  ReferencesChen, Hanwei, Xei, Guoxi, Liang, & Jianke (2016). Diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis using 3D black-blood thrombus. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic, 18(18)., C. (2016). Physical Examination & Health Assessment (7th ed.). Retrieved from 3251 Riverport Lane   

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