Problem 13-13 A mail-order house uses 17,560 boxes a year. Carrying costs are 60 cents per box a year, and ordering costs are $96. The following…
December 14, 2020
Annotated BibliographyThis week, you will complete a annotated bibliography for a paper due later on. Choose three of the eight topics listed below.The major developmental theories for children and ad
December 14, 2020

You were recently involved with a penetration test of ACME Corp. that resulted in a disruption to their Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) environment. This was made possible by forging a digital certificate using open source tools and websites. You have been asked to provide documentation that will help future system developers to create fake digital certificates.
Create a tutorial, with appropriate text and graphics, on how open source technology can be used to create fake digital certificates.
Use any tool, such as Microsoft® Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint®, or any open source tools and websites to create the tutorial.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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