Problem 7-26 Effect of accrued interest on financial statements LO 7-1 Munster enterprises issued $1
February 11, 2021
5. Cosmopolitan Islamic civilization in the Middle Ages as illustrated by the traveling career of Ab
February 11, 2021

Diode Clipping Summary
As well as being used as rectifiers, diodes can also be used to clip the top, or bottom, or both of a waveform at a particular dc level and pass it to the output without distortion,. In or examples above we have assumed that the waveform is sinusoidal but in theory any shaped input waveform can be used.
Diode Clipping Circuitsare used to eliminate amplitude noise or voltage spikes, voltage regulation or to produce new waveforms from an existing signal such as squaring off the peaks of a sinusoidal waveform to obtain a rectangular waveform as seen above.
The most common application of a “diode clipping” is as a flywheel or free-wheeling diode connected in parallel across an inductive load to protect the switching transistor form reverse voltage transients.

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