Explain why saturated fats tend to be solids at room temperature, and cis-unsaturated fats tend to be liquids at room temperature.
May 8, 2018
Discuss the conditions pathophysiology and relate to the presenting signs and symptoms.
May 8, 2018

critically analyse the effect: over-expression of FGF-7 has in breast and cervical cancer patients. emphasise greatly on cervical cancer patients. discuss changes in cell function such as cell migration, cell proliferation, cell viability. Discuss FGF-7s role in wound healing and relate it to cancer development.

Critically discuss the role of FGF-7 expression in embryonic development; and relate how it may impact or knowledge may be applied/beneficial to cancer research.

critically discuss the associations of over-expression FGF-7 has with cervical cancer and other types of cancer and how it may serve as a novel therapeutic approach for Tyrosine kinase growth factor inhibitors.


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